Meet Our Family

Like every family, we all make a difference in many unique ways…

… from a hug to celebrate a grandbaby

… to the best birthday cake

… to helping others in a time of need

… because love knows no limits.

daisyhill_005lowresLaurie Dorough
Executive Director

Laurie Dorough is the Executive Director at Daisy Hill Senior Living. Laurie brings her extensive sales experience and passion for aging services to Daisy Hill as a local community member. She grew up in Versailles and is a 1994 Woodford County graduate. Laurie attended Eastern Kentucky University and graduated with a B.A. in Park and Recreation Therapy where she received her certificate in Therapeutic Recreation. She began her career out of college with The Alzheimer’s Association leading a dementia specific adult day program and working 1:1 in direct care and the volunteers that supported the program’s activities. Laurie quickly realized Senior Care using the Best Friends Approach ™ was her passion and continued to build upon her professional experience by learning so much from those individuals who maybe didn’t remember what day it was or what they had for breakfast, but had a wealth of lifelong knowledge and experience to share with others around them. Laurie shifted gears and began establishing family support groups and dementia care training in community care settings for the Association.

Making these meaningful connections are what makes each moment count for our friends and family members as we continue to age and go through occasional struggles in life. Seeing the big picture and lifting away any existing challenges such a diagnosis of dementia or any physical disability to find the person underneath is what Laurie always recognizes and encourages all caregivers to do daily. Meeting people more than half way is our goal and helping them accomplish daily tasks is our gift.

Laurie chose to be a “stay at home mom” after 8 years working full-time and now has Abby, 11, Jake, 8, and Anna, 6. She knew she wanted to maintain contacts and some sort of professional flexibility while raising her children. Laurie became a founding consultant with a successful direct sales company and quickly turned a start-up cost into a full time thriving business from home. This provided Laurie with the experience to manage a business while also juggling the demands from home as “mom”, but also enjoy contact with newly founded friends and members in the community. All the while, she always knew at some point, returning to aging services in some capacity would be her ultimate goal when the time was right.

Most recently, Laurie comes from a local community care setting where she was able to play a vital role in opening the doors and carrying out a successful marketing plan to occupy the rooms and establish relationships within the community setting.

Landing in Daisy, “on the hill”, of my own hometown, is truly a gift and an opportunity I am blessed to receive.” “Being able to share my passion and experience the opportunity to touch others lives on a daily basis is nothing more than a God wink for the big picture I always knew I wanted to pursue.”- Laurie Dorough

daisyhill_001lowresDanielle St. Amant, LPN

Resident Services Director

Danielle St. Amant is the Resident Services Director at Daisy Hill Senior Living. Danielle has always worked with the geriatric population and grew up helping in a nursing home where her mother was the nurse. She became a nursing assistant in high school and started working at the nursing home part-time. After high school, Danielle became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and has worked in geriatrics since. Her exposure to many different positions and settings has allowed her to have a deeper understanding of the bigger picture and how everything works together.

I enjoy what I do. I get to be there to share the happy times with the residents; I get to encourage them when they are down; I get to listen to their stories. Sometimes I am lucky enough to be there with them at their low points, to hug them, cry with them, and love them. This is more than a job, it’s family.”- Danielle St. Amant, LPN

Miranda Crow
Executive Assistant

Miranda Crow is the Executive Assistant at Daisy Hill.

She was raised in Woodford County and is Woodford County High School graduate. Resident care became a passion for Miranda shortly after she began working second shift as a Resident Assistant out of High School, and through her experiences as a caregiver she quickly learned that this was where she needed to be. Miranda prides herself in knowing she can do anything this job throws at her due to her prior experiences in other job roles in the building. Starting as a Resident Assistant gave her a different view on how important senior care really is to our elderly population as well as their families. She then transitioned into Activities Assistant and from there to the front desk, moving positions has allowed her to grow with Daisy Hill since starting six months after opening their doors in 2013. She enjoys spending time painting and caring for her son Jayden and their two dogs. Jayden loves to come visit his mom at work as well as spend time with the residents she cares for here at Daisy Hill.

“Daisy Hill is a big part of my life and I feel it always will be. The lessons and experiences Daisy Hill has given me have shaped me into the person I am meant to be. Each resident is special, and I couldn’t be more grateful for every resident I have had the pleasure of serving.”


Pat Fleming
Activity Director

Pat Fleming is Director of Activity at Daisy Hill Senior Living. Born and raised in our own Versailles, KY. Pat has been in the medical field for over thirty years. Prior to joining our Daisy Hill family pat worked as an Administrative Assistant at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington KY.

Pat is very activity in the community of Versailles, and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Pat has traveled and lived in lots of different places as she traveled with her husband which was in the Military, US Army.  She has two daughters Jennifer was born in Germany and Stephanie born in Michigan. She has four grandchildren.  In Pat spare time, she likes read, cook, watch movies, and shopping.

Pat has been with our Daisy Hill family for three years and she enjoys everyday she spends with our family. 

“I feel blessed each day that I am able to spend time in such a loving and caring community such as Daisy Hill. The residents in our community are such a big part of my life.” I can always count on the residents in our community that when I come to work to greet me with a big smile and say, “How is your day going?  This is what family is all about!” -Pat Fleming

Tobi Florence
Activity Coordinator

Tobi Florence is an Activity Coordinator at Daisy Hill Senior Living.

Her career has proven to be one of many facets. She was a Team Leader at Toyota Motor Manufacturing in her 20’s before choosing to quit the workforce to raise her three children, Tristan, Caleb, and Abigail.

After six years at home she returned to full-time work at her church leading a team of 100 volunteers in their Children’s Ministry where she remained until she joined our team in August 2016. Tobi is also passionate about natural wellness and has a successful part-time business helping others learn the same.

Throughout her life, service has been a constant theme. Tobi says, “Working at Daisy Hill is a great blessing in my life. I love hearing the stories of the resident’s lives. Their history is fascinating to me. Games, conversations, and outings give beautiful glimpses into the hearts and minds of all who live here. These experiences open doors to new ways I can love and serve those on the Hill. I am deeply thankful God led me here.”

Jane Washington
Activity Coordinator

Jane Washington is an Activity Coordinator at Daisy Hill Senior Living.

Jane Washington has lived in Versailles for 18 years. She came to Versailles to work at The Cleveland Home as a Resident Advisor. Jane received Master of SW at The Kent School of Social Work in Louisville Kentucky while employed at The Cleveland Home. Once she received her Master’s she was worked as the Family Support Coordinator for the residents and families as well as working within the community. After Jane had her twins she took a break from working to spend time with them. She then got back into the Social Work field when the twins were in Middle School. She worked as an Independent Case Manager for the Michelle P Waiver program for a year and although she loved working with the families and did not enjoy the required traveling.

When Jane started working at Daisy Hill it didn’t take long to realize that her heart belongs in the geriatric field. In her time at Daisy Hill she have had the opportunity to take on many different roles which has allowed her to have a better understanding of how important each job is at Daisy Hill. As the Activities Coordinator Jane feels so fortunate to spend one on one time with the residents. She love hearing their life stories, as well as getting to share in special moments with them while going on outings, playing games, making crafts, and working with the families, but mostly just being there with them sharing in their everyday life.

“Daisy Hill is not only a unique and loving environment for people to live but a wonderful place to work and I f eel very blessed to be a part of the Daisy Hill team.”

Tracy Crank
Dining Services Manager

Tracy Crank is the Food Service Director at Daisy Hill.

Tracy was born in South Carolina and raised in Lexington KY. She has been a food service director for close to 20 years, 14 of which at Bluegrass Hospital in Woodford County. She has had many experiences with food service but when she started at Daisy Hill, she quickly fell in love with the residents and their families. Tracy always takes extra precautions when planning and cooking for our population, keeping their individual needs in mind. Recently married to John Crank, she has two adult children and two beautiful granddaughters who call her “Gemmaw”. She enjoys country music concerts and spending time with her family.

daisyhill_002lowresNeal Deering
Director of Maintenance

Neal Deering is the Director of Maintenance at Daisy Hill.

Neal was born in Hubball, West Virginia. Neal is a family man, he recently celebrated fifty-six happy years married to the love of his life, Sandra “Cookie” Deering. Neal and Cookie have two sons, Alan and Brian, and four grandchildren, Chelsea, Drew, Zach and Cole. Alan lives in San Antonio, Texas and Brian lives in Georgetown, Kentucky. Cookie and Neal try to spend as much time with their family as possible, especially watching their family grow and prosper. Neal loves the great outdoors, especially when he can pick up the club and hit the golf course.

Neal is extremely talented and highly qualified for his current position due to his extensive past work history. Neal worked as a Vice President Mechanical Contractor for seventeen years, as a manager of a HVAC wholesale distributor for eleven years, and the president and owner of HVAC Wholesale Distributor Nabco Supply, Inc. before he came to Daisy Hill. Now Neal is the Director of Maintenance at Daisy Hill and oversees the care and maintenance of the entire community.

My job at Daisy Hill fits my past job experience. Laurie and the staff are wonderful to work with. Part of my day is spending time with and helping the residents with their needs. They are like family and I love them very much. I am blessed to be a Daisy Hill employee.